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Leveraging Technology for Audience Interaction

As a presenter in today’s culture, you’re faced with an uphill battle against the distraction of technology. With a computer in everyone’s pocket and social media constantly pulling at our attention, it’s difficult to keep your audience focused on you. Allowing them an opportunity to interact with your presentation is a great way to ensure their focus stays off their Facebook and on your content.
While the technology distraction is real, thanks to the new online platform, Kahoot, you can leverage that very distraction as a device to give your audience a chance to engage with your presentation directly. Kahoot allows your audience to participate in live polling as well as answering questions all from the convenience of a smartphone.
Enjoy this QuickStart guide leveraging technology for audience participation.
Step 1 : Navigate to Kahoot.com
Step 2 : Select “Kahoot for Business”
Step 3 : Register and select your payment plan
Step 4 : Navigate to create.kahoot.it
Step 5 : Click “Create”
Step 6 : Select the Kahoot you would like to create
The beauty of kahoot is that it is more than a quiz platform. Select which Kahoot best supports your presentation content. You can also create multiple Kahoots to use throughout your presentation.
Step 7 : Click “Ok, go”
Step 8 : Invite your audience to navigate to Kahoot.it
Once they have arrived at this site, have them type in the game code that is present on your Kahoot platform.
There you have it! Kahoot is a simple and easy to use program to allow your audience to have a real time interaction with your presentation. Originally designed for educators, Kahoot is a powerful platform at a small price point. Jump online today, and check it out.
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