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3 Tips to Set the Stage for a Presentation

Whether you are hosting a large keynote presentation or creating an intimate space for a behind-the-scenes panel discussion, your stage design matters. The stage that you create, no matter how big or small, helps set the atmosphere and mood for the presenters and audience. In fact, studies show that a building or room can affect a person’s overall health and well being. Modern society spends 90% of its time indoors; that means as presenters and people who host presentations, it’s important that we create beautiful spaces that allow our audience to settle in and learn from the presenter.
The problem many of us run into is not whether or not we want to create a beautiful space but, rather, whether we have the budget and knowledge to create a beautiful space. That is why we have put together 3 tips to creating a beautiful stage and space design.
Shine colored light on a white backdrop.
Creating a professional looking stage/space design does not require a lot of money. In fact, by hanging white fabric in a drapery style and shining colored lights on it from the bottom can create that professional look in a heartbeat. You may be tempted to hang a cool colored fabric but we strongly recommend white, because white is the most reflective of all the colors. White will absorb whatever you are shining on it and disperse it out amongst the fabric in a magnificent way. The best part: you don’t need to spend a lot on lights to do this since white is so reflective; your efforts will go further without breaking the bank.
Key Use: Keynote Presentations
Use high stools to create an intimate stage.
If your presentation is taking place in a small space with no stage, simply placing high stools in front of the audience can help create the illusion of a stage while maintaining the intimacy of the room. By elevating the presenters, you are giving them the authority of the room which is a vital tool in any great presentation. You are placing them on a pedestal (literally) and showing the audience that this person should have their attention. An added bonus is that by using stools and a seated position, your audience will feel like the presenter is one of them rather than talking at them.
Key Use: Panel Discussions
Set up the room “in the round.”
“In the round” is a phrase used to describe a center room stage with an audience surrounding it. Though this format does come with extra technical challenges, it’s a great way to allow your presenter to connect directly and make eye contact with a greater percentage of the audience. This format also allows the audience to feel like every seat in the room is great, because at the most, they are 5-10 rows back from the stage. If you use this format, we strongly recommend hiring a production company to help with the technical specifications to ensure you’re able to make the most of this staging.
Key Use: Dinner Presentations
Spatial design is a vital part of every great presentation. Creating the right environment can elevate a presenter and engage an audience before any words are spoken. It does not have to be expensive or complicated, just clean and engaging. Why not give it a try?
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