Use APIs to help with microservice management and migration

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Microsurfaces: The Role of APIs in a Microservice Architecture

Adopting microservices and containers to improve agility and scale is the next big focus for many organizations .
But where exactly do your API programs and your microservice initiatives meet? This free API book will help you: Define APIs vs.

Microservices and where APIs deliver value in a microservice architecture

Apply API design thinking to your microservices

Use APIs to help with micro service management and migration.
Understand the concept of “service mesh” and the shared evolution between APIs and microservices .

Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles

Practices & Culture.
Microservice architecture is helping organizations embrace continual change.

But how do you design and apply microservices effectively? This API book from O’Reilly

written by API Academy experts, provides comprehensive guidance through eight chapters that take a deep dive into: The benefits and principles of microservices.
A design-based approach to microservice architecture .
Lessons for applying microservices in practice.
“This book will help you answer some important questions: what problems do microservices solve for, and how should organizations and cultures be set up to succeed?” – Adrian Cockcroft, Amazon Securing Microservice APIs: Sustainable and Scalable Access Control.
There are several techniques for controlling access to web APIs in microservice architecture s, ranging from network controls to cryptographic methods and platform-based capabilities.
This short API book introduces an API access control model that you can implement on a single platform or across multiple platforms to provide cohesive security across your network of microservices.
Download this complimentary O’Reilly eBook now to learn about:A platform-neutral overview of the microservices landscape.
Current network-, trust-, .

And platform-based security technologies and solutions that apply to microservice APIs

The proposed DHARMA cross-platform model for securing microservice API access control

The future of microservices.

Microservice Architecture for the Enterprise

In this free eBook, business leaders and those new to modern architectural patterns can find out how to take a design-based approach to microservice architecture that addresses culture, organization, methodology and technology.
Discover how your organization can use a microservice architecture to improve availability and system safety, while speeding up and scaling software delivery – then read our other API books to further your knowledge.
A Guide to REST and API Design.
The term “API design” or “API architecture” refers to the process of developing a software interface that exposes backend data and application functionality for use in new applications. In this introductory eBook for developers.

We provide an overview of the API architecture process

as a starting point for a deeper exploration of design and implementation best practices in subsequent lessons.
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