Net 3.5 Printing a PDF from a web page

Net 3.5.

Net 3.5 Why Use var?

January 6.

2011 by Ever since the var keyword was released in C#

I’ve struggled with using it.

To me var felt like using variant or object in VB,…

Net 3.5 Printing a PDF from a web page.
December 20, 2010May 2.

2020 by The requirement in this case is to print a PDF document

but not allow the user to manipulate the PDF in any other way.

Net 3.5 A 64-bit 32-bit Dilemma

July 13, 2010 by I recently ran into an interesting situation that I was able to solve through code.
The project was to create a document migration tool , something….

Net 3.5 Using Linq Against a Custom ConfigurationElementCollection

June 2.

2010 by By default

ConfigurationElementCollections don’t implement IEnumerable, so if you are using custom configuration sections you can’t query them with linq.
I found a casting solution,….

Net 3.5 Creating an Extraction Rule for VSTS 2008 Web Tests

August 27, 2009 by Extr action rules are essentially for finding data in the HTTP response and placing it in the output context of the web test.
There are a….

Net 2.0 Another “Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier” Post

July 30, 2009 by 90% of the projects I work on need to send emails, and most clients don’t allow developer SMTP servers floating around their network (for good….

Net 2.0 Casting a Null

July 17, .

2009 by Found an interesting tidbit today

There is an ASP.
NET page that is using session variables.
The user has visited the page, and populated the session.….
Net 3.5 LINQ: Selecting in Nested Collections .
June 23, 2009 by This took me longer than it should have to figure it out, so I am documenting it for later reuse.
The case here is described….
Net 3.0 Invalid postback or callback argument – AJAX Control Toolkit.
March 24, 2009May 2, 2020 by I was working to add some Ajax interactivity to a page that needed some asynchronous workings.
Un fortunately , after displaying a ModalPopupExtender and the user clicking….
Net 3.5 Linq Foray.
March 23, 2009May 2, 2020 by I’m working on a website with lots of user controls interacting with one another using ASP.
NET Ajax using events.
So I end up needing to… Posts navigation.
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Net 3.5.

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