TV Repair Call us and Get Free Quote 0800585222

LCD/LED Repair.
TV Repair Call us and Get Free Quote 0800585222.

We do all kind of TV Repair and Electronics

Either you Need an  insurance quote or Report  we can Diagnosis and Provide you same

There are lots of tc models and Brands like ,Samsung  one of the most popular TV brands out there, with its range of innovative and quality TVs.
Panasonic is one of the most recognised brands around the world and boasts a large range of TVs. LG, Sony, Veon.

These Brand have simple led tv to 4K

5K, 8K tvs and some brands have oled Tv NOW.
We can Repair all of them.

As Tv is very important household item

Tv mostly get damaged by hit or power surge

We fix all problems.
Note: Prices are excludes GST.

Prices are to only serve as an indicator and are subject to change

Multiple repairs can be eligible for a discount.

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