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CAT 2: (XC2) CAT 2 course is approx

The annual BUMP-N-GRIND race has been set for September 5-6th

2020 at Oak Mountain State Park and registration is open.
This race offers fun and challenging ride options for novices, experts and riders anywhere in-between.
If you have not participated in a mountain bike race, this could be a great first race for you.
We invite you to try our virtual race challenge for CAT 3 course as listed in BUMP Strava Club event Virtual Ride: BUMP-N-GRIND 26 Cat 3 Course     AIR D:    Air D racers will be shuttled up Boy Scout Camp Road to the top of Lightning.  Air D is best time down Lightning trail.
CROSS COUNTRY RACES:    All cross country races start and finish at the South Trail Head    CAT 3 JUNIOR:    Cat 3 Junior course is for riders ages 0-12.  This is approx.

A 5 mile course (similar to NICA)
Race will start at South Trail Head

racers will ride up Peavine and enter into Mr.
Toads, ride Toads to Family Trail, Rattlesnake Ridge, and take Lake Trail back to the South Trail Head for the finish    CAT 1: (XC1)    CAT 1 course is just over 30 miles.  CAT 1 does the full CAT 2 course, then back up Peavine to climb Jekyll, across Centipede, down Quarry, cross over to Johnsons, Foreplay, Toads, .

Back to South Trail Head for the finish

CAT 2: (XC2)    CAT 2 course is approx.

20 miles.  Starting at South Trail Head

racers go into Lake trail, cross over to Seven Bridges, up Camp Road to Garrett’s Gulch, Chimneys, Cat Dog Snake to North Trail Head, climb Red Road, blast across the top of the ridge to BUMP connector, BUMP Trail, down Blood Rock, Quarry, cross to Johnsons, Foreplay, Toads, Family, Rattlesnake, and back Lake to South Trail Head.

CAT 3: (XC3)    Full CAT 3 course is approx
8 miles.  Race starts at South Trail Head

racers ride up Peavine Road to entrance of Johnsons Mountain, come down Johnsons, cross to Foreplay, Toads, Family, Rattlesnake, take Lake return to South Trail Head for the finish.
Ages 13 and up.

12U can race the full CAT 3 course by choosing to CAT up

We invite you to visit http://bumpngrindraces.com/ for detailed information.
We encourage you to register by July 31st to save on registration fees.
Help us make this year’s race a success, register now.
A few pictures from 2019 race:     The post Not To Miss Event: BUMP-N-GRIND 26 Race appeared first on Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers.


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