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The truck has been nothing but “Old Faithful”

Overlanding (adventure travel) has been gaining popularity, but it has been around for a while.
In 2012, .

Forum member ‘Flexfab’ turned his 1992 Ford Ranger in to an ‘Expedition Truck’

According to Flexfab: I bought this truck new in 1992 and promptly took it to Baja for 3 months.
The truck has been nothing but “Old Faithful”, TTB and all.
After wallowing around North America with the worst bump-steer ever engineered into a vehicle, it was time to turn it into a proper camping rig.
Just thought I’d share a few of the build shots and some poser finish shots.
Quick List of Modifications:  35 x 17 Pro Comp Extreme MTs 79 full-size Bronco front axle 4.56 gears and an ARB Bilstein 2.5 x 12 coil-overs Bilstein air bumps 5.0 Atlas transfer case 92 F-150 8.8 rear axle 4.56 gears and a Detroit Locker All Pro Baja leaf rear springs Bilstein 5150 rear shocks 3″ Deaver shackles with flipped brackets 15 gal extra fuel cell 12,000 lb.
winch 160 amp alternator Bushwacker cut out flares Tepui Kukenam roof top tent  Link: Check out Flexfab’s ‘92 Ranger Expedition Truck‘ build thread.

More Photos: Click the photos to enlarge – click the arrows to load more



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