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That company is Adroit Technologies

[email protected]
Darren & Sue Arndt, Adasak Mechanical, Owners.
Since we started  our business  6.5 years ago, we are on our third IT company.
We are extremely demanding  when it comes  to website, e-mail hosting & service level expectations.
Well, thank goodness we had the presence of                          Read More                                                                                                          Nicolle Dupont, BC Guest Ranchers  Association , Manager.

Thanks to Adroit Technologies and their attentive and responsive staff

BC Guest Ranchers Association has been able to grow within the online world; from website development and hosting to                          Read More                                                                                                          Ken Herritt, IVL Contracting, General Manager.
ATWS is great to work with and  more important ly “listen” and make changes accordingly.
Good design work and once the design was completed, project sign-off was very quick.  They always                          Read More                                                                                                          Kim  Manga n, Kamloops Music Collective, Manager.
Dear Team at Adroit Technologies  I would like to sincerely thank you for assisting our non-profit  organization  over the past year with all of your professional support & knowledge.
Transitioning into a larger                          Read More                                                                                                          Kathy Ferguson, Outside the Box Horticulture Services, Manager.
So in business we all must use computers, for some of us this is painful.
I am one of  these  people.
I especially have an issue with email.

Kris and his team have re done my email for me so that it is dummy proof

I thought I                          Read More                                                                                                          Michael Goeree, lcs Clean Supplies Ltd., Owner / Operator.
Imagine working with a company that understands and anticipates the needs of y our business , works for you, and most of all values the success of your business as much as their own.
That company is Adroit  Technologies , and                          Read More                                                                                                          Danalee Baker, United Way, Executive Director.
Adroit is great.
They consistently provide us with  excellent service  in a timely manner.
When we have a pressing issue to deal with they always come through.
Even though it is a small ask to                          Read More                                                                                                          Herman Hothi, NuLeaf Produce Market, Owner.

Adroit Technologies has been our go-to for everything tech since the beginning

From graphic design & social media, to tech support & repairs, the group of individuals Kris and Tyler                          Read More                                                                                                          Robert Atwood, Hummingbird Drones, Owner/Operator.
We love working with Adroit.
Love it.
Their friendly and encouraging staff provide our team with prompt and clear direction, manageable advice and high quality product.
Consistently meeting our last minute and                          Read More                                                                      Contact Us - Contact Sidebar             First Name                                     Last Name                                     Email Address                                     Phone Number (optional)                                     Question/Comment                                     reCAPTCHA                                             If you are human, leave this field blank.
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