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From: Rossia
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Gilreaths Win Georgia State Champs

The 2020 Georgia State Snipe Championship was held at the Valdosta Yacht Club in Lake Park, Georgia on March 7 & 8.  The weather was a bit chilly, but the winds were good both days.  PRO Pat Lambert was able to get in three races on Saturday afternoon and two on Sunday morning.  Therefore, racers were able to drop their worst race.  There was only one boat that capsized, and that was on Sunday morning just as the first race was beginning.  Thanks to the VYC Safety Squadron, the sailors were not in the water very long, but they chose to come in for warm showers and dry clothes rather than finish the races.
Sailors came from Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee, as well as Georgia.
PLACE   SKIPPER   CREW   AFFILIATION     1   Hal Gilreath   Emily Gilreath   Florida Yacht Club     2   Christopher Stang   Lindsey Stang   Charleston, SC     3   Scott Cline   Bill Simons   Privateer Yacht Club     4   Don Hackbarth   Connor Milam   Atlanta Yacht Club     5   Michael Carlson   Leif Carlson   Atlanta Yacht Club     6   Greg Kibler   Rita Fullick   Atlanta Yacht Club     7   Terry Bihary   Camnyn  Bihary   Atlanta Yacht Club     8   Ernesto Bergeron   Elena Bergeron   Atlanta Yacht Club     9   Larry North   James Godwin   Valdosta Yacht Club     10   Terry DeGan   Amber DeGan   Atlanta Yacht Club     11   Rodolphe Boulais   John Kuspin   Valdosta Yacht Club     12   Tommy Herring   Michael Herring   Valdosta Yacht Club     The post Gilreaths Win Georgia State Champs appeared first on Snipe USA.


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