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My motto this year is “Evolve & Disrupt”

My motto this year is “Evolve & Disrupt”.
Trust me, I’m a man on a mission.
I will soon write and elaborate about a method for ultra-rapid change that I call Popcorn Flow.
Today, however, I simply want to share with you a presentation I created to introduce the Jobs To Be Done framework, which is something I’ve been relentlessly learning and applying for a bit less than a year.
It’s a surprisingly short amount of time given the tremendous insights I gained and the skills I developed throughout this journey.
Don’t be fooled by the irreverent cartoons, this stuff is pure gold with incredible potential for breakthrough innovation.
Breakthrough Innovation with Jobs To Be Done  from Claudio Perrone The post Breakthrough Innovation with Jobs To Be Done appeared first on Agile Sensei.


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