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Mortgage Women Magazine: Gen Z Homebuying – The Next Wave

Total Expert Customer Engagement Manager Bobbi Jo Dallas and Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard were featured in Mortgage Women Magazine.
Bobbi Jo Dallas shares her her home-buying journey in a feature article:     ATTRACTING THE GEN Z HOMEBUYER: THEIR SOMEDAY COULD BE TODAY    In 2019, the last class of millennials graduated from college.
As a result, in 2020, we are beginning to see a brand new generation start to enter the workforce.
That’s me – a Gen Z.
For many year, the chatter in the industry has revolved around millennials.
What are they like.
How do they process information.
What are their consumption patterns.
And in what ways will they change the ways on homelending.
Just when you think you have begun to understand the millennial generation, it’s time to start asking those same questions all over again about our newest, upcoming generation, Generation Z.

Read the full article with Bobbi Jo in Mortgage Women Magazine

While you’re there, check out “Ask the Experts” where Sue Woodard shares tips from 9 mortgage industry experts for driving originations in your business.
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