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and past No Worries Club videos

Teaching a horse to cross and jump over obstacles builds a horse’s confidence and tests how much he respects and trusts you.
“Giving your horse a reason to do groundwork will make it more fun and exciting for both of you,” Clinton says.
“Drilling on the same exercises the same way every day is what causes a lot of horses to become pinny-eared and sour.
Horses are just like us, they get bored doing the same thing every day.” In the television show, “Advanced Horsemanship, .

Part One,” Clinton shares how he teaches a horse to negotiate obstacles

It’s important to start with a low-key, easy-to-handle obstacle to build your horse’s confidence.
Once he’s handling basic obstacles well, then you can increase the challenge and ask him to go over more imposing obstacles.
Watch the training session now by logging on to the Downunder Horsemanship app or the No Worries Club website.
To find the video on the app, .

Go to the TV Shows video category and select the video title

A No Worries Club membership gives you access to hundreds of hours of training video content available to members only.
This exclusive content includes full-length TV shows.

Q&A’s with Clinton that cover a variety of training topics

a Testing the Method series that focuses on the Fundamentals and Intermediate levels of the Method, and past No Worries Club videos.
Learn more about the benefits of being a No Worries Club member on our website or call us at 888-287-7432.


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