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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show

Episode 357 – tonight we’ll talk about Faxon Firearms, Black Rhino Concealment, Hackett Equipment, Bowers Group, Second Call Defense, Medical Gear Outfitters, Brownells, Butler Creek, Battle Belts, P365 module, Flatline Fiber and more.

Our Guest is Chad Smith from Flatline Fiber Co Owner of Flatline Fiber Co

and gear maker since 2018.
I have a background in computers, aircraft maintenance, and now making gear for the shooting community.
You can find more about Chad Smith here Cast Our cast for episode 357 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch.

Gear Chat Where we talk about the stuff we have

the stuff that we want and the stuff that we need.
Shawn – Butler Creek Asap loader from GunMagWarehouse Nick – Battle Belt Setup Savage1r – SIG P365 Aluminum module  WLS Lifestyle Where we talk about the gun lifestyle.

ATF Going Ballistic with Savage1r Savage1r goes over the news of the day relating to guns

rights and more.

Michigan Capital Commission to meet on the 13th to decide on a gun ban on capital grounds

4th of July weekend sees 80 people shot, 15 killed in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot blames guns despite heavy gun control already.

Armed Black protestors and ‘Boog Boys’ protested peacefully together in Virginia

the media somehow ignored it.
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It makes all the difference.
Wonderful coloradojohnny ★★★★★ I really enjoyed the show and I became a cult member.
I like the content and I like the banter between the hosts.
Even though you do have a communist on the channel, it’s still good entertainment and very informative.
The conversations over the last few weeks, especially with Tony from diversity shoot, have been very eye opening to me.
There is a good assortment of guests and knowledge bases.
Thanks guys.
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WLS10   10% off   Patriot Patch Co Discount Code     Noisefighters   Click link   10% off   Noisefighters Discount Code     Medical Gear Outfitters   welikeshooting   11% off   Medical Gear Outfitters Discount Code     We’re here live every week on Monday / Wednesday nights and on demand every Thursday / Saturday.
Go to welikeshooting.com/show to subscribe.

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