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Bonus Q&A Podcast: Is it Data? Is It a Record? Is it Information?

A recent Iron Mountain webinar addressed the distinctions between data

records and information and why those definitions are so important in an information governance context.
Judging by the nearly 900 people who attended a live webinar, a lot of records managers are clearly wrestling with the question of how to create clear governance guidelines around data that may be used in many places and contexts.
They asked nearly 140 questions, far too many for our speakers to get to in the allotted time.
This two-part bonus podcast is devoted to answering those questions and furthering the discussion about how data should be classified and managed in an environment in which both the volume and the variety of data is proliferating.
Listen and learn as webinar speakers Sue Trombley.

Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Iron Mountain and Kelly McIsaac

AVP for Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management at TD Bank provide more insight and advice on this hot topic.


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