What You Can Do to Save the Earth During the Other 364 Days

Tag Archives: green. Beyond Earth Day. Leave a comment Posted by on Guest Post by Annika Dahlgren-Ferrell Earth Day is a day of observance/action celebrated each year on April 22 and has been going on and gaining momentum since its inception in 1970. The United Nations observes Earth Day every year on the March Equinox … Read more What You Can Do to Save the Earth During the Other 364 Days

Education Reform did you know

Category Archives: Education Reform U. S. Education vs. the World. 4 Comments Posted by on May 25 2011 The following info-graphic from USC Rossier Online shows an interesting comparison between educational spending and test performance of the U. S. and 12 other countries . It seems like throwing money at a problem is not always the road to success… … Read more Education Reform did you know

1 Surprisingly

Category: Design. Helvetica looks great in many contexts. 1 Surprisingly, there was no press release with a rationalization for the name or any explanations of how the logo represents cutting edge technology and XFINITY’s commitment to its customers. Or whatever. The new name feels at the same time pompous and clichéd — as if there is no … Read more 1 Surprisingly